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Picture of Accu-Band Magnets

Accu-Band Magnets

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Picture of Accu-Band Magnets

Item #:

AB 800GP

Accu-Band 800 - 24k plated 12's
Picture of Accu-Band Magnets

Item #:

AB 800NP

Accu-Band 800 - Non Plated 12's

Accu-Band 800 Magnets


800 gauss ferrite magnets. Accu-Band are the most popular acu-magnets. The bionorth (-) side contacts the body. This bionorth (-) side also features a tiny protrusion at the center of the magnet which provides additional stimulation to the point.

  • 24k Gold or Non Plated

  • 0.09" x 0.2" magnets with 0.8" adhesive tan plaster

  • 12 per package

  • Made in Japan