APR Nourishing 120 tabs, Kan

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Sheng di Huang (Raw rehmannia root)
Shan zhu yu (Asiatic cornelian cherry)
Mu dan pi  (Tree peony root bark)
Zhi mu (Anemarrhena rhizome)
Huang bai (Phellodendron Bark)
Fu Ling  (Poria)
Shan yao (Chinese yam rhizome)
Ze xie  (Asian water plantain rhizome)

Therapeutic Functions:
This formula enriches Yin, clears empty heat, and nourishes kidney

Indications (Symptoms):
Occasional heat intolerance, thirst
Occasional weight loss despite strong appetite
Helps reduce agitation and restlessness at night, occasional irritability, fear, aggression, anxiety
Occasional eye and skin redness, red and dry tongue
Occasional low back and hind limb pain and weakness
Wiry, rapid pulse