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Astra Garlic, Health Concerns

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90 tabs

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Astra Garlic™
Odorless Garlic Herbal Supplement
90 Tablets



  • High cholesterol

  • Blood Cholesterol and Lipids, High

Therapeutic Actions

1. Treat and prevents hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and degenerative disorders of the cardiovascular system, high cholesterol and high triglycerides
2. Treat chronic bacterial, and fungal infections, accompanied by Qi, wei qi, or blood deficiency


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Activate blood circulation
Detoxify blood
Tonify Qi and blood
Kill parasites



Internal: 2 to 3 tablets BID to TID
90 tablets, 750 mg, 15 day supply
May be taken just before a high-fat meal; or between meals



  • Odorless Garlic bulb da suan

  • Astragalus root huang qi

  • Ho-shou-wu root he shou wu

  • Red Ganoderma (reishi) fruiting body ling zhi

  • Crataegus fruit shan zha

  • Tang Kuei root dang gui

  • Salvia root dan shen

  • White Atractylodes rhizome bai zhu

Formula Rationale

Odorless garlic reduces atherosclerosis and hypertension. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol by as much as 12 percent. Ho-shou-wu has also demonstrated cholesterol-lowering effects in clinical trials in China. Crataegus (shan zha) is individually used to remove food stagnation. In a 20 patient, 6 week Chinese trial, it reduced cholesterol levels an average of 18 percent. Salvia (dan shen) alleviates pain and is used extensively in China for its cardiovascular effects. Astragalus (huang qi) has an anti-hypertensive effect. White Atractylodes (bai zhu) tonifies the spleen and dries dampness. Chinese research has shown it has anti-coagulative properties.


Clinical Notes

1. Combine with low fat, low cholesterol diet for best results
2. Astra Garlic can be taken over long periods in order to treat and protect the cardiovascular system
3. Results have been seen with congenital hyperlipidemia

Additional Formulas

• May be used in combination with Polilipid
• Combine with Flavonex for a complete anti-aging tonic
• Take with Astra 8 or Astra Essence to enhance the immune system
• Combine with Artestatin for protozoal infections


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