Picture of Chill Chaser by Kan

Chill Chaser by Kan

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Picture of Chill Chaser by Kan

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Chill Chaser 1oz liquid, Kan
Picture of Chill Chaser by Kan

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Chill Chaser 8oz liquid, Kan
Gui zhi (Chinese cinnamon twig)
Dan dou chi (Prepared soybean seed)
Cong bai (Welsh onion)
Gan jiang (Dried giner rhizome)
Ge gen (kudzu root)
Xiang ru (Haizhou elsholtzia herb)
Gan Cao (Chinese licorice root)

Therapeutic Functions:
When administered promptly these herbs will mobilize the Wei Qi to thwart the onslaught of a cold, flu or other external Wind, Cold and Damp invasion.

Indications (Symptoms):

Helps soothe occasional chills, headache, sore muscles or tender skin

Assists in alleviating occasional aversion to drafts, slight perspiration

Aids in relieving occasional scratchy throat, slight dizziness