Picture of Dang Gui Si Ni Tang by Kan

Dang Gui Si Ni Tang by Kan

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Picture of Dang Gui Si Ni Tang by Kan

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Dang Gui Si Ni Tang 1oz liquid
Picture of Dang Gui Si Ni Tang by Kan

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Dang Gui Si Ni Tang 60 tabs



Dang Gui Si Ni Tang

Dang Gui Si Ni Tang


Blood deficiency, Nutritive Qi blocked by Cold, Cold invasion in the Vessels and Channels


Chinese Action: Nourishes the Blood, dispels Cold, warms, opens and unblocks the Vessels and channels.


Physical Indications:


·         Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

·         Supports healthy blood circulation.

·         Occasional frigid, cold hands and feet, possibly the whole limb, that feel cold to the touch and to the person.

·         Occasional pale or sallow complexion, pale nails, lips or eyelids.

·         Occasional lethargy or lassitude.

·         Occasional discomfort at the wrist, hips, legs or feet.

·         Occasional joint, lower back or leg discomfort.

·         Occasional difficulty concentrating.

·         Occasional irregular menstruation.


Dosage (tabs): 2-3 tabs, 2-3 times per day.


Dosage (liquid): 30 drops, 2-3 times per day.




Gui zhi

Chinese cinnamon twig

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Bai shao

White peony root

Xiao tong cao

Japanese Helwingia Pith

Hong zao

Red jujube fruit

Zhi gan cao

Honey fried Chinese licorice root & rhizome

Gan jiang

Ginger rhizome


Dang Gui Si Ni Tang is based on a modification of Cinnamon Twig Decoction (Gui Zhi Tang), to address a pattern of Blood deficiency with concurrent Cold lodged in the Vessels and channels, obstructing the smooth flow of the Nutritive Qi. Blood deficiency can occur due to a weakened Spleen not being able to build Blood, or from blood loss; women are more prone to Blood deficiency due to their monthly cycle. Blood can also become depleted due to excessive and draining lifestyle or improper diet. Blood deficiency can manifest as occasional cold in the limbs, stagnation that is worse in cold environments, and a pale complexion. Cold invading the channels and Vessels will increase stagnation and discomfort, while warmth will decrease them.


Cold hands (up to the wrists) and feet (up to the ankles) that is felt internally and externally as cold to the touch, and worsen in cold exposure are the hallmarks of this pattern. There may be no other indications of Yang deficiency or ascendant Yin. Occasional generalized fatigue, occasional abdominal discomfort, irregular menstruation or occasional joint, lower back or leg discomfort that gets worse in cold exposure can also be felt.


Dong quai root, the chief herb of Dang Gui Si Ni Tang, tonifies and invigorates the Blood, and addresses Cold causing the Blood to stagnate. Chinese cinnamon twig warms and opens the channels, White peony root nourishes Blood and smooths the flow of Liver Qi, and Red jujube fruit strengthens the Spleen and Stomach, supporting the proper transformation of Gu Qi into Nutritive (Ying) Qi, and nourishing Blood. Honey fried Chinese licorice root and rhizome strengthens the Middle Burner and harmonizes the actions of the other herbs in the formula. Ginger rhizome replaces Chinese wild ginger to warm the Interior and strengthen the Middle Burner. While it is not typically included in the formulation of Dang Gui Si Ni Tang, it is typically included in Cinnamon Twig Decoction.


Akebia caulis, no longer available due to regulatory restrictions, has been replaced by a larger percentage of Japanese helwingia pith to support healthy urination by draining fluids downward, invigorate the flow in the channels and guide out any Heat that may have accumulated due to stagnation.


Four Cold Extremities and Dang Gui Si Ni Tang both address Cold accumulating in the extremities. When Cold accumulates in the hands and feet due to Qi stagnation, Four Cold Extremities is indicated. Dang Gui Si Ni Tang is indicated when Cold accumulates due to Blood deficiency.


Origins and Development: Dang Gui Si Ni Tang is a variation of Cinnamon Twig Decoction (Gui Zhi Tang).


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