Picture of Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner by Kan

Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner by Kan

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Picture of Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner by Kan

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Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner 1oz liquid
Picture of Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner by Kan

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Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner 60 tabs



Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang

Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner


Blood stasis, Liver Qi stagnation, Cold accumulation in the Lower Burner


Chinese Action: Invigorates the Blood, disperses Blood accumulation or stasis in the Lower Burner, moves Liver Qi, warms and regulates menstruation, alleviates stagnation.


Physical Indications:


·         Supports a healthy reproductive system.

·         Supports ovarian and uterine health.

·         Supports a healthy prostate.

·         Supports a healthy colon.

·         Occasional distention or discomfort in the lower abdomen or lower back (Lower Jiao) that gets better with warmth and worse with pressure.

·         Occasional menstrual irregularities or Beng Lou.

·         Occasional cold sensations or aversion to cold.

·         Occasional low or depressed mood.


Dosage (tabs): 2-3 tabs, 2-3 times per day.


Dosage (liquid): 30 drops, 2-3 times per day.




Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Pu huang

Bulrush pollen

Chi shao

Chinese red peony root

Zhi yan hu suo

Prepared corydalis yanhusuo tuber

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Rou gui

Chinese cinnamon bark

Mo yao

Myrrh resin

Xiao hui xiang

Fennel fruit

Zhi xiang fu

Prepared cyperus rhizome

Chao zhi ke

Dry fried bitter orange mature fruit

Hong hua

Carthamus flower

Gan jiang

Ginger rhizome


Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner addresses Blood stagnation in the Lower Burner with a presentation of Cold accumulation from either excess or deficiency. Cold has a Yin nature and it easily constricts, sinks and congeals downward. This formula, with its warming nature, is helpful in regulating women’s menstrual cycles, since they are easily affected by Cold, and is also indicated for occasional abdominal stagnation, and occasional lower back discomfort.


In this pattern, Liver Qi stagnation combines with interior Cold, leading to Blood accumulation and Blood stasis. The primary indication of Blood stagnation or stasis is discomfort. Liver Qi is closely related with the Uterus and the regulation of the menstrual cycle, and Liver Qi stagnation is often seen as a contributor to many disharmonies affecting women.


Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner warms and strengthens Kidney Yang and moves Liver Qi. This formula is well balanced by addressing the branch, which is Blood stasis, and by warming and strengthening the Kidney Yang. It contains within it two classical formulas: Four Substances (Si Wu Tang), which tonifies and invigorates Blood, and Sudden Smile Powder (Shi Xiao San), which invigorates Blood. Together these two formulas invigorate Blood and warm the Lower Burner.


Dong quai root, the chief herb, warms, invigorates and tonifies Blood. Bulrush pollen, Carthamus flower, Sichuan lovage rhizome, Chinese red peony root, prepared Corydalis yanhusuo tuber and Myrrh resin assist Dong quai root in invigorating the Blood. Chinese cinnamon bark, Fennel fruit and Ginger rhizome dispel Cold, and warm the abdomen and the Lower Burner. Chinese cinnamon bark tonifies Yang, supplements Kidney Yang, and warms and opens the collaterals. Fennel fruit dispels Cold from the Lower Burner, warms the Liver and Kidney and regulates the Qi.


As this formula strongly focuses on moving Blood, it is also important to support the smooth flow of Qi, as the Qi guides the smooth flow of Blood. Dry fried flying squirrel feces, found in the classical formula, originally fulfilled that purpose. It has been replaced by prepared Cyperus rhizome and dry fried Bitter orange mature fruit. They support and regulate the smooth flow of Qi through the Lower Burner, address occasional distention or discomfort, and support a healthy menstrual cycle.


This formula strongly invigorates the Blood, and consideration should be given if used longterm as to whether additional Blood or Qi tonics are needed. It is useful to note that Dispel Stasis in the Mansion of Blood addresses Blood stagnation in the Upper and Middle Burners, while Dispel Stasis in the Lower Burner addresses Blood stagnation in the Lower Burner.


Combine with Replenish the Right for further Kidney Yang tonification. Combine with Fire the Yang if simultaneous Ying and Kidney Yang are underlying the pattern.


Origins and Development:


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