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Disperse Red River 8oz, Kan

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Disperse Red River 8oz, Kan
Dan shen (Chinese salvia root and rhizome)
Si gua luo (Luffa herb)
Bai shao (White peony root)
Ze lan (Shiny bugleweed herb)
Yu jin (Tumeric root tuber)
Chuan xiong (sichuan lovage rhizome)
Liu ji nu (Artemesia herb)
Zhi shi (bitter orange immature fruit)
Xiang fu (Cyperus rhizome)
Gui zhi (Chinese cinnamon twig)

Therapeutic Functions:

This formula is gentle and moderate in promoting the circulation of Blood, while also nurturing Blood and activating Qi

Indications (Symptoms):

Helps ease occasional localized or persistent pain in the chest, abdomen, head, or limbs

Soothes menstrual discomfort, breast distention, PMS

Promotes healing of bruises or swellings due to abrasion, contusion, or sprain

Helps relieve numbness, chilliness, or mottling of the limbs

Helps maintain healthy blood pressure

Eases occasional painful or engorged varicose veins, hemorrhoids