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Enterocap 60 caps, Health Concerns

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Bioavailable Boswellic Acid Herbal Supplement


Therapeutic Actions


1. Effective in managing symptoms of IBS and Crohn’s disease, such as pain, cramps, and altered bowel movements

2. Anti-diarrheal, without inducing constipation

3. Used to reduce inflammation in arthritis, chronic bowel disease, asthma and related inflammatory diseases


Therapeutic Benefits


Effective in low doses within hours




Internal: Take one capsule twice per day with meals.

60 vegetarian capsules, 250mg active, 30 day supply




·         Boswellic acid complex extract from Boswellia serrata

·         Boswellia serrata Roxb. ex Colebr; ru xiang

·         Phosphatidylcholine from sunflower lecithin


Formula Rationale:


Enterocap is proprietary extract of triterpenoid acids from the gum resin of Boswellia serrata, also known as Indian frankincense, boswellia and ru xiang. Since ancient times, frankincense has been used in many countries such as Africa, China, India, and the Middle East countries for the prevention and treatment of various illnesses, especially chronic inflammatory diseases.


In traditional Indian medicine, frankincense has been used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-proliferative, and analgesic agent for the treatment of related diseases. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), frankincense is commonly used as a remedy for improving the blood circulation and in relieving pain.


Today, Indian frankincense and its extracts are used for various chronic inflammatory problems such as arthritis, asthma, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, brain edema. The mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity of the boswellia extract is due to the boswellic acids, which have

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been identified as the active principle of frankincense. The chemical structure of boswellic acids closely resembles that of steroids[1], but their actions are different from painkillers or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and are related to the component of the immune system and the inhibition of 5 lipoxygenase.[2]


The four major boswellic acids (pentacyclic triterpenic acids) found in frankincense are: ß boswellic acid (BA), acetyl ß boswellic acid (ABA), 11 keto ß boswellic acid (KBA), and 3 O acetyl 11 keto ß boswellic acid (AKBA); which have been shown to be responsible for the inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes.[3] AKBA has shown to be effective against a large number of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, bronchial asthma, chronic colitis, ulcerative colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease (CD), and cancer.[4] Leukotrienes are small mediator chemicals produced by the cells of the body, and can cause inflammation by promoting free radical damages, autoimmune responses, cell adhesion, and migration of the cells causing inflammation to the inflamed area.[5]


Many inflammatory diseases can be caused by leukotrienes, including asthma, colitis, rheumatism, arthritis, and psoriasis.[5] Boswellia has shown to be a specific inhibitor of leukotrienes. It acts by blocking the synthesis of leukotrienes and, therefore, inhibiting inflammation and shrinking the inflamed tissue, which is the primary cause of pain and discomfort in many cases.[5]


Boswellic acids (BAs) found in frankincense have shown to be responsible for the inhibition of leukotriene biosynthesis and, therefore, can reduce and prevent the inflammation in many chronic inflammatory diseases .[6] BAs affect the cellular immune system by interacting with inflammatory cytokines, down regulating TNF-Alpha; they also function as mast cell stabilizers, inhibiting oxygen radicals and other reactions which play a harmful role in autoimmune diseases.


Enterocap is a purified concentrate of triterpenoid acids from Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata) bound to sunflower phosphatidyl choline (PC). It has been used in a four week, 43 patient observational study with ulcerative colitis patients. Diffuse abdominal pain, bowel movements Intestinal cramps, watery stools, anemia, rectal irritation, and occult blood were all improved in the Enterocap group. Fecal concentration of calprotectin, a marker of bowel inflammation was reduced thus suggesting that Enterocap can maintain colitis patients in remission.


Enterocap has also been studied in IBS patients. In a four week, 71 patient study comparing two different medications to the herbal formula Enterocap, patients showed improvement in abdominal pain, cramping, altered bowel movements, and intestinal gas. In summary: Enterocap can normalize intestinal motility and has antidiarrheal activity; Boswellia serrata extract with PC optimizes the delivery to smooth muscles including the stomach intestines, blood vessels and urinary bladder; Enterocap can be used with collagen supplementation such as Collagenex 2 for joint pain and tendon inflammation.