GI Response 237 G., Innate

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GI Response is a practical, carefully crafted, comprehensive gastrointestinal support that feature clinically studied ingredients at clinically studied dosages.  This synergistic formula that includes GI targeted botanicals, nutrients and amino acids is aimed at supporting and improving the integrity of both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.  GI Response is a safe, effective method of optimizing the lining and permeability of the intestinal system. In addition to  incorporating the researched dose of glutamine (5 grams), a highly stable, clinically proven amino acid combination of glutamine and alanine, called Sustamine has been included.  Studies have shown this innovative ingredient as having a positive impact on electrolyte absorption and improving transport channels in the GI tract.  Additional botanicals, amino acids and digestive enzymes are complementary inclusions chosen for their ability to support a healthy, well functioning digestive system.  GI Response is a breakthrough formula providing an exceptional answer to the ever-increasing demand for nutritional digestive support formulas.


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