Ginger Extract Powder 33gm by Rebel Herbs

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Ginger is a spicy fragrant root and is used in both hot and cold dishes.  It is a know ingredient that supports metabolic process help and improves digestive fire in the body.


Add a pitch to lemonade, cold water or juice for a spicy, sweet experience or in curries for a nice flavor.


Supplement Facts


Serving Size : 1 gram per day


Amount Per Serving     


Zingiber Officinale CO2 Extract++ (1.5% Zingeberine & 20% Ginergerols) (25:1)   100 mg+

Zingiber Officinale Water Extract** (1% Ginergerols) (6:1)            860 mg+


+ Daily Value not established


++ Supercritical CO2 extract


** Hydrophilic Extract


Other Ingredients: Zingiber Officinale CO2 Extract, Zingiber Officinale Water Extract, aerated silica.