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Guna Digest oral drops

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Guna-Digest is the main product for the pathologies of the digestive system. It is primarily indicated for functional dyspepsia; Guna-Digest improves digestion, as it works on both physical aspects (digestive enzyme secretion) and on the nervous and psychic aspects (parasympathetic of Diencephalon Porcine). The presence of the organotherapeutic ingredients Hepar, Vesica fellea, Pankreas, Duodenum, Pylorus, at low potency, encourages the function of the homologous target organs, resulting in increased secretory function of digestive enzymes and improved motility. The activity of these organotherapeutic ingredients and of the enzymes Amylase, Lipase, and Trypsin is enhanced by the presence of homeopathized plants such as Artemisia, Gentiana etc, which in very low potency, stimulate the digestive processes. . NOTE: Guna-Digest is not just targeted on the organic etiopathogenesis, but by means of ingredients such as Nux vomica, and the neurotransmitters Serotonin and Melatonin (included for stabilization of the neurovegetative tone), this formulation is a stress modulator, so important on the psychosomatic aspects of the digestive process.


Uses: functional dyspepsia of various origin: organic or caused by stress; postprandial sleepiness; postprandial bloating; secondary digestive disorders caused by food or alcohol abuse.


Ingredients: Abrotanum 1X HPUS; Amylase, Pancreatic 2X; Angelica archangelica 1X HPUS; Anisum 1X HPUS; Ascorbic acid 2X; Colocynthis 3X HPUS; Colocynthis 10X HPUS; Colocynthis 30X HPUS; Colocynthis 200X HPUS; Diencephalon, Porcine 3X; Diencephalon, Porcine 6X; Diencephalon, Porcine 12X; Duodenum, Porcine 6X; Duodenum, Porcine 8X; Duodenum, Porcine 12X; Gall bladder, Porcine 6X; Gall bladder, Porcine 8X; Gall bladder, Porcine 12X; Gentiana lutea 1X HPUS; Hepar Porcine 6X HPUS; Hepar Porcine 8X HPUS; Hepar Porcine 12X HPUS; Lipase enzyme 2X; Melatonin 4C; Niacin 2X; Nux vomica 3X HPUS; Nux vomica 10X HPUS; Nux vomica 15X HPUS; Nux vomica 30X HPUS; Nux vomica 200X HPUS; Nux vomica 1000X HPUS; Pancreas Porcine 6X HPUS; Pancreas Porcine 8X HPUS; Pancreas Porcine 12X HPUS; Pylorus, Porcine 6X; Pylorus, Porcine 8X; Pylorus, Porcine 12X; Serotonin 6X; Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X HPUS; Trypsin 2X; Tryptophan 6X.


Directions: 10 drops 3 times a day also for extended periods of time; as a shock therapy 10 drops every 30 minutes for two hours



Most common combinations

Guna-Digest + Guna-Bowel: irritable bowel syndrome.

Guna-Digest + Guna-Stomach: dyspeptic syndromes accompanied by gastritis.

Guna-Digest + Eubioflor: digestive disorders due to dysbiosis.

Guna-Digest + Guna-Liver: digestive hepatic disorders. Treatment of hepatopathy resulting from alcohol addiction.

Guna-Digest + Anti Age Stress: digestive disorders due to stress conditions.