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Guna Lympho oral drops 30ml

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Guna-Lympho is specific for the treatment of lymphatic vessels and the lympho-epithelial structures.

This GUNA formulation is a fundamental medicine for matrix detoxication, as it activates the interstitial micro-circulation. The homeopathic ingredients reduce the phlogosis of the lymphatic system, thus eliminating the lymphatic spasm which generates lymphatic stasis and the resultant exudation and lymphedema. Guna-Lympho is not only a lymphatic detoxification medicine, but is also a very effective anti-inflammatory medicine for the epithelial tissues, as well as an immune sytem stimulant. As a stimulant of the humoral immunity and the inhibitory modulation of the compensatory cell-mediated response, it is fundamental in pediatrics in the treatment of the hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the lymphatic organs,

NOTE: Guna-Lympho is the Guna homeopathic medicine having the widest activity spectrum and the broadest possible application. This formula can be considered of basic use in pediatrics, otorhinolaryngology, phlebology, internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, and aesthetic medicine.

Uses: Lymphatic stasis (lymphedemas); extracellular matrix detoxification ; inflammatory diseases of the lymphatic organs (lymphadenitis, lymphangitis); hyperplasia or hypertrophy of the lymphatic organs.

Ingredients: Apis mellifica 8X HPUS; Calendula officinalis 1X HPUS; Capillary tissue, Porcine 6X; DL malic acid 6X; Equisetum hyemale 3X HPUS; Fumaricum acidum 6X HPUS; Graphites 6X HPUS; Graphites 12X HPUS; Graphites 30X HPUS; Graphites 200X HPUS; Hydrastis canadensis 1X HPUS; Hydrocotyle asiatica 1X HPUS; Juglans regia 3X HPUS; Levothyroxin 6X; Levothyroxin 12X; Lymphatic vessel, Porcine 6X; Magnesia phosphorica 6X HPUS; Magnesia phosphorica 12X HPUS; Magnesia phosphorica 30X HPUS; Magnesia phosphorica 200X HPUS; Myosotis arvensis 3X HPUS; Natrum oxalaceticum 6X HPUS; Natrum pyruvicum 6X HPUS; Phytolacca decandra 3X HPUS; Sarsaparilla 3X HPUS; Taraxacum officinale 1X HPUS; Trichinoyl 6X; Vein, Porcine 6X

Directions: 10 drops 3 times a day. In acute cases 10 drops every 30 minutes for 2 or 3 hours.


Guna-Lympho Most common combinations

Guna-Lympho + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Liver: detoxification and drainage therapy in patients with good liver function.

Guna-Lympho + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Bowel: detoxification and drainage therapy in patients with good bowel function

Guna-Lympho + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Kidney: detoxification and drainage therapy in patients with good kidney function

Guna-Lympho + Anti Age Vein: venous insufficiency with lymphatic stasis.

Guna-Lympho + Guna-Trauma: trauma with serious extravasations; hydrarthrosis.

Guna-Lympho + Guna-Tonsils: lymphadenopathies.