HMF Cystgen (6 x 0.4 oz. Sachets), Genestra

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Promotes urinary tract and intestinal health*


• Provides antioxidant support*

• Provides 10 billion CFU per day from a combination of two proprietary, human-sourced strains

• Includes 832 mg of cranberry fruit juice concentrate and 600 mg of vitamin C per day


HMF Cystgen provides two strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus formulated to support optimal urinary tract health. The microbial species that inhabit the vaginal tract help maintain urogenital health. Despite the close proximity of the vagina to the anus, the diversity of microbes present in the vagina is much lower than in the gut. Research suggests that the intestinal and urogenital microbial flora have a central role in maintaining health and well-being. The probiotic organisms present in HMF Cystgen help maintain healthy microflora. Vitamin C and cranberry fruit extract provide antioxidants to further promote urinary tract health.*