Isatis Cooling - Chien Chi Tai Wan, Health Concerns

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90 caps

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Isatis Cooling Formula™
Chien Chi Tai Wan
90 Tablets



  • Inflammatory Bowel Disorder

  • Leukorrhea - Damp-heat

  • Ulcer, Stomach - Heat, blood stagnation

  • Internal damp heat / Heart yin deficiency - colitis, leukorrhea

  • Colitis - Heat Signs

  • Crohn's disease

  • Leukorrhea

  • Prostate conditions Acute

  • Vaginal infection

  • Vaginal yeast infections

  • Abdominal Pain - Qi and blood stagnation, damp heat

Therapeutic Actions

1. Treat Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers
2. Treat hot-type Leukorrhea accompanied by thick, dark, and smelly discharge and abdominal pain
3. Treat prostate inflammations accompanied by discharge and constant pain
4. May be used to treat urinary tract infections


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Clear toxins
Clear heat
Activate blood circulation



Internal: 3 to 5 tablets TID, between meals
For acute conditions, higher dosages may be indicated
90 tablets, 750 mg, 15 day supply

Contraindications: Must differentiate the above mentioned conditions with Cold signs, as this formula is cooling and may cause a cold condition to worsen



  • Isatis extract leaf da qing ye

  • Isatis extract root ba lang gen

  • Codonopsis root dang shen

  • Oyster shell mu li

  • Bupleurum root chai hu

  • Smilax rhizome tu fu ling

  • Gardenia fruit zhi zi

  • Moutan root bark mu dan pi

  • Tang Kuei root dang gui

  • Akebia trifoliata caulis mu tong

  • Red Peony root chi shao

  • Alisma rhizome ze xie

  • Cyperus rhizome xiang fu

Formula Rationale

Isatis Cooling Formula is based on Chien Chi Tai Wan, Leukorrhea Checking Pills, for the treatment of leukorrhea however it has been successfully used for the treatment of intestinal and gastric inflammation. This formula treats infection with isatis extract (ban lan gen and da qing ye), and the irritation from fluid discharge with oyster shell (mu li). Isatis Cooling Formula clears heat with moutan (mu dan pi), gardenia (zhi zi), smilax (tu fu ling), akebia (mu tong), alisma (ze xie), and bupleurum (chai hu). Tang kuei (dang gui) and red peony (chi shao) increase blood circulation. Fluid metabolism is regulated by codonopsis (dang shen) and alisma (ze xie). The herb smilax (tu fu ling) is used for internal and external sores.


Clinical Notes

1. May be useful in treating vaginal protozoal infestations
2. Consider for prostate inflammations
3. Report of good results for Crohn's disease, colitis and gastric ulcers when there are clear signs of heat


Additional Formulas

• For rectal bleeding use Formula H
• For diarrhea and heat signs combine with Colostroplex
• For diarrhea with cold signs consider Source Qi
• For cold leukorrhea consider Phellostatin plus Longevitabs
• Compare with Akebia Moist Heat Formula for treating urinary tract infections
• Compare with Clearing for chronic vaginitis and leukorrhea
• May be useful with Essence Chamber for prostatitis
• Add Flavonex to increase blood circulation
• Use Quiet Digestion to increase digestive function


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