iSleep Herb Pack by Pacific Herbs

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IS S150

iSleep 1.75 oz. (50g) Packet, Pacific Herbs
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IS S100

iSleep 3.5 oz. (100g) Packet, Pacific Herbs

iSleep Herb Pack


The Proven Herbal Insomnia Solution


Ziziphus has Clinical Results


Calms Your Mind

Stops the Over-Thinking

For Deep  - Restful Sleep!












           The natural herbal alternative used in Asia for centuries.


           Use before bed or in the middle of the night. SAFEST HERBAL ALTERNATIVE, even for those taking prescriptions.


           Packets keep herbs fresh & potent because they are air & moisture sealed.


           Produced in a state–of-the-art pharmaceutical grade factory under strict ISO regulation.


           Each packet of Energy Booster contains 6 grams of highly concentrated botanical extract powder.


           Packets contain NO fillers, NO magnesium sterate or other unnecessary de-clumping ingredients. Only pure un-adulterated herbs.


           iSleep can be mixed in hot water or poured directly in your mouth to dissolve, either way it taste good and works fast, usually within 10 minutes.


           iSleep recommended dosage is one packet before bed.


           Safest, most effective herbal combination studied on over 16,000 patients. Clinically tested and continuously used for over 1000 years!


           Packets fit easily in a purse or wallet and shelf life is 4 years.


Directions: 1 packet 5-30 minutes before bed. Mix packet contents with ¼ cup warm water, stir and drink. (Add sweetener if desired).

Alternate Method: Place small amount of powder in mouth and let dissolve. Repeat as needed. Can also be used in the middle of the night.