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NanoLean Natural Weight Loss and Healthy Energy Drink | Natural Berry Flavor




Losing weight and maintaining it has little to do with depriving yourself and everything to do with supplying your body with the complete nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals it needs to reduce hunger and cravings and increase healthy absorption. Our nanolean includes green coffee bean extract and green tea extract to work hand-in-hand to fight body fat and increase metabolism. Asnwagandha root is added to naturally lower stress and balance mood. All of this done naturally!


           SCIENCE BASED: Nanolean is a great natural weight loss/energy drink. This product helps reduce body fat, boosts metabolism, controls stress, reduces cravings and gives you a natural energy boost. This will encourage the stomach to feel full more quickly and help you eat less! 1 serving of Nanolean provide 5 grams of fiber plus Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and Chromium.



           ENHANCED BIOAVAILABILITY: Like all of our products, we add our natural supersorb technology TM to ensure your body absorbs and utilizes every ingredient for better results. This little stick pack of weight loss powder is designed to provide you with pure vibrant energy, craving control, lower stress levels, a calm appetite and enhanced fat burning. One serving contains 38 calories, 5 grams of fiber and zero sugar. This comes in a natural berry tea flavor and light and refreshing.


           HEALTH BENEFITS: In order for your metabolism to work at its full power, you need the proper nutrients. nanolean contains vitamin C, a vitamin B complex and Chromium, an essential mineral needed for optimal metabolism. Ashwagandha is a botanical herb from India that has been used for centuries to naturally lower stress and balance mood. Sensoril TM is clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels, which can lead to a less-stressed and slimmer you.


           THE PUREST SOURCE: Our nanolean includes green coffee bean extract and green tea extract to work hand-in-hand to fight body fat and increase metabolism. We use the world leading brand, Svetol TM. Svetol TM is clinically proven to reduce body fat by 5.7% when taken twice a day for 60 days with a healthy diet and excercise. Nanolean is a weight loss tea that was created as a tool to use in your weight loss plan.


           EASY TO ENJOY: Simply mix 1 packet with 6-8 fl. Oz. of cold water, shake in blender bottle and enjoy! Drink 2 servings per day, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon at least 30 minutes before each meal for optimal weight loss results. If you are sensitive to caffeine, the 2nd serving can be taken earlier in the afternoon.




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