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Neuro Plus Granules 100g, Evergreen

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Subcategories & Applications


·         Neurological Support / Mental Health Formula


TCM Functions


·         Tonifies Kidney yang

·         Invigorates blood circulation

·         Opens channels and collaterals




·         Huang Qi (Radix Astragali)

·         Shi Chang Pu (Rhizoma Acori)

·         Yuan Zhi (Rx Polygalae)

·         Dan Shen (Rx/Rz Salviae Miltiorrhizae)

·         Ba Ji Tian (Radix Morindae Officinalis)

·         Du Zhong (Cortex Eucommiae)

·         Gou Qi Zi (Fr Lycii)

·         Tu Si Zi (Semen Cuscutae)

·         He Shou Wu (Radix Polygoni Multiflori)

·         Hong Hua (Flos Carthami)

·         Shan Zhu Yu (Fructus Corni)

·         San Qi (Rx/Rz Notoginseng)

·         Sheng Di/Shu Di (Rx Rehmanniae/Praeparata)

·         Gui Ban (Plastrum Testudinis)

·         Lu Jiao Shuang (Cornu Cervi Degelatinatum)

·         Xi Yang Shen (Radix Panacis Quinquefolii)

·         Shui Zhi (Hirudo)

·         Ren Shen (Rx/Rz Ginseng)

·         Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae)

·         Bai Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae)

·         Fen Bi Xie (Rhizoma Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae)

·         Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps)

·         Fu Ling (Poria)

·         Shan Yao (Rhizoma Dioscoreae)

·         Qian Ceng Ta (Herba Lycopodii Serrati)

·         Meng Chong (Tabanus)

·         Wu Gong (Scolopendra)

·         Shan Zha (Fructus Crataegi)

·         Yin Xing Ye (Fm Ginkgo)

·         Tian Ma (Rhizoma Gastrodiae)

·         Yi Zhi (Fr Alpinia)


Recommended Dosing


·         1.5-2 grams 3 times a day for an average adult (18-60 years of age, approximately 150 lbs). Each flat Evergreen clear spoon is 1 gram, whereas a cooking teaspoon is 2 grams. This standard dosage may be increased or decreased depending on the patient's individual factors, such as age, body weight, type of illness and severity. Please see Strategic Dosing Guidelines for details.

·         Serve with warm water on an empty stomach, 2-3 hours apart from your prescription medication or other supplements. Do not take with tea, coffee, juice, soda or any other beverages.