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Face Mask (3 Ply) Pack of 50

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Manufacturer: Brandy Pollack

Pack of 50 Masks


Protect yourself and your patients as you reopen with these high quality 3 ply non-woven fabric face masks.

·         Disposable


·         3 Layers of Thick Material - The masks are made of 3 layers of high-quality non-woven fabric, moisture-proof with a strong filtering that’s soft and comfortable.


·         Universal Design - Fits nearly any face size with a stretchy elastic ear loop and adjustable embedded nose clip. The face cover is built to cover the nose, mouth and chin all while providing a soft and comfortable experience.


Important Note on PPE - Face Masks and Sanitizing Products


We’ve been selling surgical and N95 face masks for almost 20 years.  When our regular supplier was unable to allocate us product anymore because of the extraordinary demand due to COVID-19, we spent day and night trying to find other sources.  We decided it was important to source PPE equipment for our healthcare practitioner customers to support you as you make the decision to reopen. 


We have found new manufacturers of PPE with limited quantities at much higher costs.  We have made the decision to offer these products to you as a service to get trusted products from your trusted supplier.  We are forced to increase the sales price of these products to directly account for our increased cost. 


Prices on PPE products will fluctuate for a while.  When we are able to find new sources and the market stabilizes you will see the prices continue to go up and down.


Here is what we can promise you – we will provide you with quality products and offer the best value we can source at that moment.  If you are not satisfied let us know and we will make it right just as we have done for last 20 years.