Infrared Digital Thermometer

Item #: N1001
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This FDA listed infrared thermometer reads body temperature in less than one second. To measure body temperature, hold this thermometer approximately 0.5-2.0in from the forehead to quickly read body temperature. LCD display shows results in both F and C, with choice of modes.


·         FDA listed

·         Infrared temperature detection

·         Zero contact

·         Measurement distance 0.5 - 2.0in

·         LCD display

·         Uses two AAA batteries

·         Batteries not included




How do I use this thermometer?

This thermometer reads body temperature by detecting heat radiating form the center of the forehead. Hold the thermometer approximately 0.5-2.0in from the forehead and press the button on the underside of the thermometer's grip.


Is this thermometer FDA listed?

Yes. This thermometer for use on anyone older than 2 months of age.