Syringes Disposable Luer Lock

image Item# description price Availabilty When Available qty
Syringes Disposable Luer Lock MJ 100332 Syringe Luer Lock - 10ml - 100's by Nipro  
Syringes Disposable Luer Lock MJ 100299 Syringe Luer Lock - 3ml - 100's by Nipro  
Syringes Disposable Luer Lock MJ 100261 Syringe Luer Lock- 5ml - 100's by Nipro  

Disposable Syringes by Nipro

• Polypropylene syringe barrel and specially formulated elastomer stopper result in a smooth, accurate motion along the entire length of the barrel.
• Materials are inert and compatible with delivered medications.
• Syringes are sterilized by ETO and undergo automated inspection to assure uniform quality.
• Syringes are available with Luer Lock, Luer Slip or Eccentric Luer Tip.
• Clear barrel assures rapid, precise volume reading.
• Paper-to-plastic packaging reduces recycling volume by 50% vs. hard plastic.