Guna Cell oral drops 30ml

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Guna-Cell is a powerful cellular metabolic activator. This formulation targets the intracellular organelles (especially the mitochondrion) and the intracellular matrix.The proper association of low homeopathic potency vitamins, minerals and trace elements is the essence of this formula’s successful results.

The Krebs’ cycle intermediaries are the core of this homeopathic medicine, since they are powerful enzymatic activators which are able to positively influence the cell energetic metabolism and ATP production.

In Guna-Cell, the use of Acetyl L-carnitine, DNA, RNA and cAMP in homeopathic potencies is very innovative. These substances, act as carriers, as secondary messengers and reprogrammers of the cellular function. Methylglyoxal, Colchicum, Conium, and Podophyllum are also utilized in this formulation, as are some other homeopathic medicines with most marked anti-aging action effects from the homeopathic pharmacopoeia. From the Guna-Cell ingredient analysis, it is possible to understand why this homeopathic medicine is an excellent medicine for the stimulation and releasing of complex biochemical mechanisms which are at the root of the functional cellular metabolism… an antidegenerative medicine.


NOTE: Guna-Cell can rightly be considered as the homotoxicological "tonic", fundamental in chronic-degenerative pathologies, weakened states and during convalescence.


Uses: general weakening; early aging; cellular metabolism stimulation.

Ingredients: a-Lipoicum acidum 3X HPUS; Acetyl-L-carnitine 2X; Adenosinum cyclophosphoricum 6X HPUS; Alpha tocopherol 2X; Ascorbic acid 2X; Calcium gluconate 3X; Citricum acidum 3X HPUS; Cobalamin 2X; Colchicum autumnale 6X HPUS; Colchicum autumnale 12X HPUS; Colchicum autumnale 30X HPUS; Conium maculatum 6X HPUS; Conium maculatum 12X HPUS; Conium maculatum 30X HPUS; Cuprum sulphuricum 3X HPUS; DNA 6X HPUS; Ferrum fumaricum 3X; Folic acid 2X; Fumaricum acidum 3X HPUS; Kalium asparticum 3X; Magnesia phosphorica 3X HPUS; Manganese gluconate 3X; Manganum phosphoricum 6X HPUS; Methylglyoxal 10X; Natrum oxalaceticum 3X HPUS; Natrum pyruvicum 3X HPUS; Niacin 2X; Pantothenic acid 2X; Phosphorus 4X HPUS; Podophyllum peltatum 6X HPUS; Podophyllum peltatum 12X HPUS; Podophyllum peltatum 30X HPUS; Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum 6X HPUS; Riboflavinum 6X HPUS; RNA 6X HPUS; Selenomethionine 3X; Succinicum acidum 3X HPUS; Sulphur 3X HPUS; Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X HPUS; Zincum gluconicum 3X HPUS.

Directions: 10 drops 3 times a day a day also over extended periods of time


Guna-Cell Most common combinations

Guna-Cell + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Fem / Guna-Male: anti-aging standard treatment.

Guna-Cell + Anti Age Skin / Anti Age Face: anti-aging standard treatment in Aesthetic Medicine.

Guna-Cell + Guna-Flu + Citomix: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in patients, particularly in aged patients over 40, immuno-deficient with recurrent flu episodes.