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Book, Qi Gong for Health & Longevity

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Qi-Gong for Health & Longevity

At last!

This is a book which introduces in clear and understandable terms, Qi-Gong (internal Kung Fu) - the most notable ancient Chinese art stretching over 3000 years! Traditional Chinese medicine combined with Chinese philosophy leads us to insights into the balance of Qi - the life force, the connection between mind and body and the relationship between ourselves and nature.

  • For the young it's about self-cultivation, discipline & challenge.
  • For the old it is about self-fulfillment, tranquility & longevity.
  • For the healthy it's about prevention & reduction of daily stress.
  • For the ill it's about self-recovery & well-being.
  • For the sedentary it's about enhancing physical & mental strength.
  • For the medical professional it's about understanding the complex body and an alternative system to solve health problems.

A must read!