Guna Anti Age Skin Granules

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Anti Age Skin is Guna’s homeopathic medicine for the treatment of minor skin blemishes. Anti Age Skin supports epidermis and dermis health, and is effective with such skin conditions as skin sagging, dehydration, and uneven color and pigmentation. The Anti Age Skin homeo-pharmacological formulation is composed of 4 active components:


1st component: Skin tissue Porcine 4C: stimulates cutaneous metabolism Placenta totalis Porcine 4C: increases vascularity and new tissue formation Capillary tissue Porcine 4C: increases vascularity and new tissue formation Collagen Porcine 4C: stimulates collagen formation

2nd component: has a main antioxidant action that hinders photo-aging: Alpha tocopherol 4C, Retinol 4C, Selenium metallicum 4, Coenzyme Q 4C .

3rd component4C: stimulates protein neo-synthesis, as the two essential amino acids contained in the medicine are well known for both anticatabolic and anabolic action: Leucine 4C, Isoleucine 4C

4th component: supports oxygenation and the correct nutrient intake to epidermal cells: Fucus vesiculosus: detoxication and dermis drainage Brown algae Laminaria, Brown algae Platycarpus, Brown algae Serratus, Knotted wrak:remoisturizing, remineralizing and skin elasticity recovery


Uses: skin blemishes such as: skin sagging; dehydration; opacities; and cutaneous spots. It is also effective with damages caused by sun exposure or sunlamps and tanning beds.


Ingredients: Alpha tocopherol 4C; Brown algae, Laminaria 4C; Brown algae, Platycarpus 4C; Brown algae, Serratus 4C; Capillary tissue, Porcine 4C; Coenzyme Q 4C; Collagen, Porcine 4C; Fucus vesiculosus 4C HPUS; Isoleucine 4C; Knotted wrack 4C; Leucine 4C; Placenta totalis Porcine 4C HPUS; Retinol 4C; Sea lettuce 4C; Selenium metallicum 4C HPUS; Skin tissue, Porcine 4C.


Directions: 3 pellets 2-3 times a day over extended periods of time.


Anti Age Skin

Most common combinations


Anti Age Skin + Guna-Cell + Anti Age Face: anti-aging treatment in Aesthetic Medicine.

Anti Age Skin + Guna-Cell + Guna-Matrix: treatment for skin slackening, aimed at remodeling the dermal matrix.