Guna Citomix Granules

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Citomix is the specific medicine for activating the immune system and enhancing the natural response against infections (viruses, bacteria, and parasites). This formula is indicated in the prevention of infective pathologies and for treatment of patients presenting with persistent or recurrent infective events or, in general, with incompetent immune defense. Citomix is an association of cytokines with Th1 and Th2 polarity that, in a balanced way, are responsible for the initiation of the immune response and at the same time, promote the proliferation of the B lymphocytes (IL4), the T and B lymphocytes, the NK cells (IL2) and the PMNs (IL5), accelerating the healing time. Citomix also has strong anti-inflammatory activity, and is therefore indicated in acute illnesses as well. In this homeopathic medicine, there is a core of very important homeopathic ingredients: Mountain cranberry, for homeopathic antiseptic activity; Ananassa sativa, as an anti-inflammatory remedy; and Centella Asiatic, as a stimulator of the reticuloendotelial system. The Citomix composition is completed by the core of organotheraeutic Porcine ingredients (Lymphatic vessels Porcine, Medulla ossis Porcine, Thymus gland Porcine), which act as activators of the function of the homologous immune competent organs or tissues.

Uses: Used for the prevention of infections; potentization of the immune defenses in acute and chronic infections; and in the treatment of acute inflammatory events of infective origin.

Ingredients: Ananassa 3X HPUS; Granulocyte colony stimulating factor 4C; Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 9C; Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 15C; Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 30C; Hydrocotyle asiatica 3X HPUS; Interferon gamma 4C; Interleukin 1beta 5C; Interleukin 2 5C; Interleukin 2 7C; Interleukin 4 4C; Interleukin 6 7C; Interleukin 6 9C; Interleukin 6 15C; Lymphatic vessel, Porcine 4C; Medulla ossis Porcine 4C.

Directions: 3 pellets 2-3 times a day. In acute phases, 10 pellets 2-3 times a day.


Most common combinations

Citomix + Guna-React: immediate activation of immune defenses in patients affected by acute infective diseases.

Citomix + Guna-Virus: strengthening of non specific antiviral immune defenses.

Citomix + Guna-Flu: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in immuno-deficient patients who previously suffered from recurrent flu episodes.

Citomix + Guna-Tonsils: chronic-recurrent tonsillitis in immuno-deficient patients.