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SleepCalm *Formerly Quietude* tabs Boiron 60's

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SleepCalm *Formerly Quietude* tabs Boiron 60's

SleepCalm™ Tablets


Boiron SleepCalm provides an over-the-counter solution to relieve occasional sleeplessness, restless sleep, and intermittent awakening.* This homeopathic medicine calms restless sleep, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep without feeling groggy the next day. It’s made with plant-based active ingredients that help restore a natural sleep pattern disturbed by nervousness, worries, exhaustion, an overactive mind, jet lag, or night shift work. The meltaway tablets are convenient to take without water at bedtime, and can be taken on an empty stomach. (


Benefits and Features:


·         Melatonin-free for no daytime drowsiness.

·         Non-habit forming; does not induce dependence.

·         No known drug interactions.

·         No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

·         Recommended for everyone ages 12 and up.

·         Available over the counter in a box of 60 unflavored meltaway

·         Also try Sedalia® for daytime symptoms of stress.