Picture of Rescue The Spirit by Kan

Rescue The Spirit by Kan

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Picture of Rescue The Spirit by Kan

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Rescue The Spirit 1oz liquid
Picture of Rescue The Spirit by Kan

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Rescue The Spirit 60 tabs



An Shen Ding Zhi Wan

Rescue the Spirit


Insubstantial Phlegm misting the Heart with underlying Blood and Yin deficiency


Chinese Action: Calms the Spirit (Shen), nourishes Blood and Yin, regulates the Qi, transforms Phlegm, and opens the Heart orifice.


Physical Indications:


·         Supports emotional wellbeing.

·         Supports a restful sleep.

·         Occasional difficulty falling asleep, settling down


Dosage (tabs): 2-3 tabs, 2-3 times per day.


Dosage (liquid): 30 drops, 2-3 times per day.




Chao suan zao ren

Dry fried sour jujube seed

Ye jiao teng

Polygonum multiflorum stem

Chao mai ya

Dry fried barley sprout

Fu shen mu

Poria with wood root

Mai men dong

Ophiopogon tuber

Jiu jie chang pu

Altaica rhizome

Bai shao

White peony root

Bai zi ren

Biota seed

Wu wei zi

Schisandra fruit

Yu jin

Turmeric root tuber

Ju hua

Chrysanthemum flower

Fa ban xia

Licorice cured pinellia rhizome

Hong zao

Red jujube fruit

Yuan zhi

Polygala root

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome


Rescue the Spirit is based on Calm the Shen and Settle the Zhi Pill (An Shen Ding Zhi Wan). As the name implies, the primary goal of the formula is to calm the Shen. It accomplishes this by transforming Phlegm that is misting the Heart, tonifying Blood and Yin, and regulating the Qi. When Blood is deficient, it is unable to nourish the Heart, and therefore cannot properly house the Shen, causing restlessness. When Yin is deficient, it can engender upward flaring Fire, disturbing the Shen.


The Shen houses the Heart Mind and the Spirit, and a healthy Shen supports clear mental faculties and focus. There are many reasons the Spirit can become disturbed, including over-stimulation, emotional or mental disturbances, and improper diet. It can also be due to underlying Blood, Yin or Qi deficiency, or Phlegm misting the Heart orifice.


Spirit normally will sink inwards at night, supporting sleep that is peaceful, undisturbed and restful. When Spirit becomes disturbed, agitated or restless, sleep is easily disrupted, resulting in a racing mind that cannot settle, occasional insomnia and dream-disturbed sleep. During the day, Spirit disturbance can manifest as an occasional overall feeling of discomfort with oneself or with others, occasional anxiety, or occasional feelings of fearfulness or timidity.


Whether Spirit disturbance is due to an underlying deficiency or to an external cause contributing to deficiency, Rescue the Spirit is applicable. The overall goal of this formula is to tonify Blood and Yin in order to support a healthy Shen. This formula combines herbs that calm the Spirit, tonify Blood and Yin and transform Phlegm. It gently nourishes the Qi to support the Spleen’s ability to augment the Blood and transform Phlegm. With the inclusion of herbs that open the Heart orifice, it addresses the root, Spleen Qi deficiency, and the branch insubstantial Phlegm misting the Heart.


Dry fried Sour jujube seed, Polygonum multiflorum stem, Biota seed, Schisandra fruit, Red jujube fruit and Polygala root all calm the Spirit. Additionally, Dry fried Sour jujube seed nourishes the Heart Yin, tonifies Liver Blood, addresses occasional irritability and insomnia due to either Blood deficiency, with Blood unable to nourish the Heart, or Yin deficiency with upward flaring Fire. Polygonum multiflorum stem nourishes the Heart and Blood and is especially relevant for patterns of Yin or Blood deficiency accompanied with occasional insomnia and irritability. It also dispels Wind and unblocks the channels. Red jujube fruit tonifies the Spleen Qi, reducing irritability and emotional liability, and nourishes the Blood. Biota seed tonifies Heart Yin and Blood. Schisandra fruit helps to astringe leakage of Essence, calms and contains Heart Qi, and tonifies Kidneys. White peony root tonifies the Blood and nourishes the Liver. Ophiopogon tuber nourishes the Yin, moistens the Lungs, generates fluids in the Stomach, and clears Heat. Turmeric root tuber invigorates the Blood, regulates the Qi, and cools the Blood.


Poria with wood root strengthens the Spleen, transforms Phlegm and quiets the Heart and Spirit, while Licorice cured Pinellia rhizome transforms Dampness and causes rebellious Qi to descend. Polygala root quiets the Heart, calms the Spirit, dispels Phlegm, opens the orifices and disperses accumulation. Altaica rhizome transforms Phlegm, opens the orifices, strengthens the Spleen and expels Wind Damp from the channels. Dry fried Barley sprout harmonizes and strengthens the Stomach while addressing Liver Qi stagnation. Chinese licorice root and rhizome tonifies the Spleen and augments the Qi, clears Heat and resolves blazing Fire. It also moderates and harmonizes all of the herbs found in this formula. Chrysanthemum flower expels the Exterior and, more importantly in this formula, it clears Heat from the Liver and extinguishes Wind.


Other formulas that benefit the Shen include: Peaceful Sleep addresses an unsettled Spirit and Heat in the Heart with underlying Blood deficiency. Celestial Emperor’s Blend addresses Heart and Kidney Yin deficiency or Heart and Kidney not communicating. Zizyphus Sleep Formula is used in patterns of Liver and Heart Blood deficiency disturbing the Spirit (Shen). From the Kan Herbals line of products: Compassionate Sage has a strong effect on calming the Spirit and addresses Heart Qi deficiency. Gather Vitality calms the Spirit, tonifies Blood, and strengthens Spleen Qi.


Rescue the Spirit can easily be combined with a constitutional formula. Combine with Free and Easy Wanderer or Relaxed Wanderer for a concurrent Liver Qi stagnation. Combine with Quiet Contemplative for a concurrent Kidney Yin deficiency Heat. Combine with Temper Fire for a concurrent Heart and Kidney Yin deficiency.


Origins and Development: Calm the Shen and Settle the Zhi Pill (An Shen Ding Zhi Wan).


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