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SCS Mail Back Sharps Containers

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SCS 190120


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(2) Pack Two Gallon SCS Mail Back Containers (420527)

Just Seal It... & Send It & Forget it!


SCS needle disposal system is a cost effective simplified management of used needles and other medical waste. Once the container is full, place it in the government-approved shipping box and SCS takes care of disposal and all compliance documentation. The 3 Gallon container is translucent (see through) so it is easy to tell when the container is full!


NEW multi (2) packs are now available in your favorite size!  Please be aware that the multi (2) packs require you to send both containers back together at the same time in the single box that is provided!  The (2) packs are item numbers 190119 & 190120 only!


Have a lot of small regular full needle containers to dispose of?

Try out one of the 5 Gallon waste buckets! 

As an example... You have (6) or more 1 Quart standard containers in your closet filled with needles and ready for disposal that you don't know what to do with, if they fit in the bucket then that is OK!  Just seal it and send it!  This is an easy and economical way to solve your problem!



  • Compliance with federal, state & municipal regulations

  • Reduced handling of medical waste by employees

  • Elimination of expensive or unnecessary pick-ups by medical haulers

  • No contract required

  • Convenient, timely and responsible disposal

  • Transportation of waste via the US Postal Service

  • Postage for return is Included in our price!

Important Information Concerning Disposal: All of thes sharps containers have a "maximum return weight" depending upon the size of the disposal container. Due not exceed the total mailing weights (including box) listed below. If you do we will not be responsible for it's refusal or increased charges by the disposal company. All weight restrictions are listed on the box and paperwork that comes with each sharps container. Do not discard the original box and paperwork that your sharps container comes in. You will need it when your container is full and is ready for disposal!


1.4 Quart = Max allowable return weight 3 pounds

1 Gallon = Max allowable return weight 6 pounds

1 Gallon Twin Pack = Max allowable return weight 10 pounds

2 Gallon = Max allowable return weight 10 pounds

2 Gallon Twin Pack = Max allowable return weight 18 pounds

3 Gallon = Max allowable return weight 13 pounds

5 Gallon Pail = Max allowable return weight 25 pounds


Note: Wall brackets and holders shown in the picture are optional and are not included with any of the products. Contact our customer service department if you need assistance with those products.


Important Shipping Charge Note: All Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico customers will incurr an addtional $19.00 fee for shipping any of these mailback containers.