Seychelle Stationary Table With Backrest

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Picture of Seychelle Stationary Table With Backrest

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SEYB 94033

Seychelle Backrest Table 27" Width
Picture of Seychelle Stationary Table With Backrest

Item #:

SEYB 94034

Seychelle Backrest Table 30" Width

The Oakworks Seychelle line is the simple, elegant solution to all of your spa and massage necessities. From the minimalist yet functional design, to the luxurious padding and upholstery, the Seychelle accents your décor without overshadowing your personal sense of style. The Seychelle is built to the same high quality standards as other Oakworks tables and its knock down design ships inexpensively. The removable shelf allows you to choose between storage space for your Oakworks accessories or additional leg room beneath the table for performing seated massage modalities, making it a uniquely versatile piece of spa furniture that lets you use your available space efficiently. A winning combination of strength, value and convenience make buying a Seychelle one of the easiest decisions that you can make for your spa.




Top: Wave Backrest Top

Width: 27" - 30"

Length: 72"

Fixed Height: 31"

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Padding: 3" Plush

Upholstery: TerraTouch™ (standard)


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