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Shunli Precision Touch 200ct. J Type Needles

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Picture of Shunli  Precision Touch 200ct. J Type Needles

Item #:

JJ 100600

(1) 0.16x15mm 1/2" (red) Shunli Precision Touch J 200ct.
Picture of Shunli  Precision Touch 200ct. J Type Needles

Item #:

JJ 100607

(5) 0.25x40mm 1.5" (purple) Shunli Precision Touch J 200ct.



Did you know that up until very recently most acupuncture needles made in China were hand polished and finished by a factory worker?  This led to uneven results and the barbed needles that every practitioner dreads. The only alternative was to spend upwards of $10 per box of 100 needles to buy high quality needles made in Japan, Korea or Germany, that were made by machine for uniform quality. 

With our introduction of Shunli™ you no longer need to sacrifice quality when it comes to purchasing an affordable needle. You can now purchase the highest quality acupuncture needles manufactured using a 100% automated process with up to a 50% savings.

Shunli™ acupuncture needles are manufactured exclusively to Acu-Market’s exacting standards.  These needles have our name on the box and we have meticulously pored over every detail to ensure Shunli™ acupuncture needles are of the highest quality.

Our Shunli™ needles are manufactured in a brand new state of the art FDA registered facility that uses 100% automated machinery.

  • 304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel from Japan
  • Certified Medical Grade Dispersion from Germany for Painless Insertion
  • Precision ground insertion tubes for patient comfort
  • Guaranteed sterile using the preferred Sterile R ionizing method. 


Shunli™ Precision Touch™

  • Box of 200 needles with individual guide tubes
  • One touch quick release from guide tube (no tabs)
  • Colorful plastic handle
  • Easy peel blister packaging with one needle per tube, 5 needles per flat and 200 needles per box

 Shunli™ utilizes a revolutionary means of insertion, using 3 slightly indented prongs on the guiding tube to hold the acupuncture needle perfectly in place prior to insertion.  No tabs or messy glue are necessary.  To insert the needle simply apply gentle pressure to the top of the handle to release it from the guide tube.

Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of acupuncture as determined by the States.  You must be a licensed practitioner and we must verify your qualifications to view pricing and/or purchase.