Skinny Boost Herb Pack by Pacific Herbs

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Skinny Boost 100g 3.5 oz Packet, Pacific Herbs

Skinny Boost Herb Pack


Boost Elimination, Improve Digestion and Enhance Your Metabolism!


Skinny Boost is great for those who suffer from constipation. But you won't be in the bathroom all day. The herbs in Skinny Boost are gentle to the body and do not have unwanted side effects. The herbs will increase the frequency of bowel movements daily and help produce more productive bowel movements. The formula was originally written around 1170 C.E. by Liu Wan-Su. Liu Wan-Su is considered to be one of the four great masters of the Jin-Yuan dynasty and some say it is one of his most famous formulas.


Skinny Boost is best for those with are overweight, have slight elevated blood pressure and a tendency towards constipation. Because the formula has 15 medicinal herbs it may seem haphazardly written. On the contrary, the underlying ideas of this formula closely adhere to the written classics in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used for a broad range of disorders.The supplementing herbs in the formula help protect the stomach and nourishes blood so that damage to qi and blood is minimized. It is overall a beautiful blend of herbs which help clear the intestines without damage, nourish the stomach qi, and clears heat from the entire body.


Directions: Mix ½ tsp. with warm water and enjoy 1-2 times daily as needed.


Alternate Method: Place ½ tsp. of granules in mouth and swallow with water 1-2 times daily as needed.