SMC 1,000 Blister Pack Needles

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SMC 100717


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SMC (30G) 0.30x30mm 1,000 Needles



Introducing SMC – The Other Korean Needle!


SMC Korean Acupuncture Needles are the newest addition to the Acu-Market family.  Experience superior quality Korean needles at an unbeatable price.


·         Spring Metal Handle (No Loop)

·         Sterilized by EOG

·         Utilizing the Highest Quality Surgical Stainless Steel

·         Manufactured in a Highly Advanced Facility

·         Precise and Accurate Needle Point Allows for Easy Glide Insertion


SMC Bulk 1000 Count Needles


·         10 Needles With 1 Colored Guide Tube Per Blister

·         1000 Needles Per Box

·         Quantity Discounts Available (Can Mix and Match Sizes)