Sperm Boost Herb Pack 3.5 oz. (100g), Pacific Herbs

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Sperm Boost Herb Pack


Sperm count matters when you and your partner are trying to get pregnant. The herbs in Sperm Boost Herb Pack will help.


Boosting both kidney yin and kidney yang are the first step to having healthy sperm. Specialized plant seeds (and fruit) have been used in Chinese herbal medicine since the second century for their Kidney yang boosting effects. Sperm Boost Herb Pack uses raspberry seed, leek seed, Chinese milk vetch seed (aka astragalus seed) cuscuta seed and goji berries to tonify and warm. Other herbs such as Dioscorea root (shan yao) Rehmannia root (shu di) help fortify both the kidney yin. 


Meeting strict testing standards for purity and potency, Sperm Boost Herb Pack has been used successfully by fertility doctors for over 30 years.   These pure concentrated granules will improve the quality and motility of sperm. 


Use daily for best results. Drink as a delicious cup of tea OR place granules in your mouth and swallow with water or juice.  The nutrient dense boost contains NO unnecessary fillers like pills and capsules. Results vary by individual.