Muscle&Joint Liniment(Was Stop Pain) 4oz, Blue Poppy

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This tincture is based on a formula created by De Xi-fang at the Nanchang Hongdu Chinese Medical Hospital called Hong Song Yao Jiu ( Carthamus & Nardostachys Medicinal Wine ).1 

Moves the qi, quickens the blood 

Isopropyl alcohol 
Hong Hua ( Flos Carthami ) 
Gan Song Xiang ( Rhizoma Nardostachytis ) 

Method of Use 
Apply externally . For best results, combine with an external heat source, such as a TDP lamp, hot water bottle, heating pad, or indirect moxibustion with a moxa roll. 

Formula Rationale 
Hong Hua ( Flos Carthami ) is a blood-quickening medicinal. It quickens the blood and transforms stasis. Gan Song Xiang ( Rhizoma Nardostachytis ), i.e., Chinese Spikenard, is an acrid, sweet, and warm, aromatic, dampness-drying medicinal.2 However, despite its most common categorization, its main functions are that it rectifies the qi. Only secondly does it arouse the spleen and clear away turbidity (when taken internally). Gan Song Xiang is a member of the  Valerianaceae family. Like Valerian, this medicinal has pronounced sedative and anodyne effects. 

When Hong Hua and Gan Song Xiang are combined together, Gan Song Xiang moves the qi and Hong Hua moves the blood. In addition, alcohol enters all the channels and network vessels where it strongly moves the qi and quickens the blood. Alcohol also potentizes the medicinal effects of other  ingredients combined with it. Therefore, the alcohol in this medication is both a medium and an active ingredient in its own right. 

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