Tao of Healthy Eating, Blue Poppy

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ISBN: 0-936185-92-9

TITLE: The Tao of Healthy Eating: Dietary Wisdom According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

AUTHOR: Flaws, Bob

EDITOR: Wolfe, Honora L.

DESCRIPTION: This book presents both the traditional Chinese teaching on preventive and remedial dietary therapy as well as addressing such modern Western concerns as high cholesterol, candidiasis, and obesity. The author begins with an introduction to the basic theories of Chinese medicine as they relate to digestion, diet, and health. He then goes on to discuss Chinese dietary recommendations for the most commonly seen Chinese patterns of imbalance amongst Westerners. After talking about the Chinese medical views on food allergies, candidiasis, cholesterol, obesity, and coffee, the author breaks revolutionary new ground by describing all the common vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as if they were traditional Chinese medicinals. This allows Westerners for the first time to pick and choose orthomolecular supplements according to the wisdom and theories of Chinese medicine. Next comes the Chinese medical descriptions of approximately 200 commonly eaten Western foods. Under each food, the author gives its nature and flavors, channel gatherings, Chinese medical functions, and indications. Armed with this information, if one knows their Chinese medical pattern of disharmony, anyone can determine whether a particular food is good or bad for them. The book is rounded out with an index and bibliography. The text is written in a clear, straightforward style suitable for laypersons with little or no prior knowledge of Chinese medicine.

140 pages