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TRAU 50190

Traulevium Ointment Cardboard Counter Display Box
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TRAU 50179

Traulevium Oral Drops 59ml
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TRAU 50177

Traulevium Tablets bottle of 100


Manufactured exclusively for Medical Technology Products, Inc.

Every once in a long while something truly special is created.  In 1936 Dr. Hans Reckeweg, MD combined 12 botanical substances and 2 mineral substances in a homeopathic medicine named Traumeel®.  The result has been a world-renowned formulation for pain relief. 

In recent years the supply of Traumeel® in the United States dwindled.  A formula that has withstood the test of 80 years is not easy to replace. 

Given this rich history, we are proud to introduce Traulevium™.  You can read the ingredients and the dilutions to understand the product we are offering; however, to truly understand how special Traulevium™ is, please consider the following key points-


Traulevium™ is sold exclusively through practitioners. 


Traulevium™ is manufactured exclusively for MTP™ by a manufacturer known to produce high quality homeopathic remedies.  The FDA registered manufacturing site located in the countryside of Texas. The dilutions are guaranteed to be reliable.


We know you’ve had a lot of whiplash over the past 3 years with changes in the homeopathic industry in the United States. Traulevium™ restores the order.  Please try Traulevium™ yourself to find out!

In fact, if you try a bottle and don’t like it we will return your money, guaranteed!**

 * Compare to Traumeel®.  Traumeel is a brand name owned by Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH.  Traulevium is not associated with the brand owner.



** T-Relief® is a brand name owned by MediNatura Inc.  Traulevium is not associated with the brand owner.

***Traulevium™ is a brand name owned by Medical Technology Products, Inc.

***Guarantee is limited to one bottle per customer.